NetPicks and the Lock and Walk Tradign Strategy

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If you had been watching Wall Street earlier this year you would see that companies are moving away and toward selling off shares in the technology-sector. This event caused many investors to come to the realization that no industry was impervious to choppy water and that there had to be an answer to potential problems in these industries. Savvy investors are now starting to pay attention to different strategies that they can employ in order to overcome surprise movements like that in the technology sector. Let’s look at a few strategies that have been refined and made more effective.

This strategy, developed by the professionals at MarketWatch, focused on the work done by ProShares UltraShort QIDand ProShareS UltraShort QLD. The summation of the rules are so simple that they are practically designed for the at-home enthusiasts who turn to techno-investments as a fun way to build up their portfolio. Essentially, these investment strategy rules revolve around resistance and support. The rules go: if support is tested at QLD, sell with resistance. If support ends up going bust, sell QLD. If resistance ends up being tested by QID, sell with support. While this information may sound like techno-babble to people at home, it’s designed to help them make the best of the choppy waters surrounding the technology industry. This strategy is ultimately called ‘Lock and Walk’

Netpicks is a premier trading-advice company that has been in operation since 1996. Netpicks came to fruition right when online trading, as well as day trading, became popular with people at home. They’ve worked hard throughout the better part of the past 20 years in order to consistently stay above their competition by vending out great advice and knowledgeable suggestions. Netpicks has made a career out of being in the thick of things ranging from Forex to swing trading, and everywhere in between. ¬†Read and learn from their tutorial blogs, check on their page.

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Traders that are interested in taking their portfolio to the next level should consider working hand in hand with NetPicks to improve their stats, increase their values, and expand their portfolio. NetPicks doesn’t make trading easy, but they make it easier for everyone.¬† Access this useful link for more tutorials.

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