Netpicks: Guidance in Social Responsible Investing

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A recent article concerning Netpicks’ guide to investing in a socially responsible manner was written on More people are more socially aware of what they are buying. They are concerned about how the product was made, and what was used to make the products. And thus, more companies are using more humane methods for the workers, reducing slave labor, and reducing exploitation in third world countries. Because of this, Netpicks gave some steps on how to use socially responsible investing, and they are as follows:

  1. You must first realize that socially responsible investing begins with you. Being extra careful of where you spend your money is important.
  2. You must pay attention to which businesses are in an ETF. An ETF is like a mutual fund, with the exception of being traded like a stock. Thus, it’s best to make sure the money isn’t going to a company that uses child labor or exploitation.
  3. You must realize that you are responsible to do right by you and your household as well as right by others.
  4. And lastly, give a microloan to someone in a third world country with your investments. It’s not a great way to make money back as it benefits mainly the person the money is being loaned to. This is most important in regards to being socially responsible.

These steps and more are important when it comes to being socially responsible in investing. Netpicks, who gave these steps, has been around 1996, and they are there to assist the everyday, average person in utilizing smarter trading methods. They have even more ways in teaching you how to be socially responsible in investing.  More trading tips available here

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