PSI Pay: The Way Of The Future

Posted on October 13, 2018 By

Britain experiences at least of its transactions by the use of a credit card. Cashless payments are perhaps the way of the future. PSI Pay is working to dominate this growing market. The financial company has partnered with Kerv Wearables to create a contactless payment system to launch to international markets. Contactless payment involves using credit, debit or other non-cash payments. PSI Pay has built a respected reputation in the industry of being a leader in offering these types of payments. Kerv Wearables is creating a ring in twelve sizes for both men and women that will use PSI Pay’s transaction system. Anyone wearing the ring will be able to make a payment by just tapping their ring. No PIN number or signature will be necessary when purchasing something with this ring.


Items like these have the potential to shape the market. As technology increases, the way people shop and purchase items will change. In overseas nations in Europe, purchasing items through contactless payments is even more rampant than in the United States. PSI Pay and their partner are looking to expand their reach in other countries. They are also looking to get this ring into the hands of millions of people living in other countries. More people are learning about contactless payments and thus will choose to wear this ring. People will want to wear the ring because it has many benefits that cash does not offer. Wearing this ring makes purchasing a faster and simpler process. This ring also does away with the process of having to wait for a card validation.


Kerv Wearables is a company known for its contactless wearable technologies. Partnering with PSI Pay is aiding this company to tap into new markets. Together, the two companies want to transform the way people pay. These rings may be seen as accessories but may become the debit card or credit card of payments for the future.


PSI Pay has been serving customers for the past decade. They desire to be an innovative company and a progressive brand has pushed them to new heights. They are responsible for creating many new technologies for contactless payments. They are a principal member of Mastercard and issue out MasterCards to their customers. The world is changing and PSI Pay wants to be at the forefront of how shoppers begin to shop differently.