Remarkable Efforts of Gregory Aziz in Retaining National Industries Inc. Position

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Gregory Aziz is the current chief executive officer, chairperson, and president of National Steel Car. The renowned leader has built his name in freight and manufacturing industry as a talented innovator. Greg Aziz has led National Steel Car to be one of the leading firms in this sector. Greg James Aziz experience and academic knowledge enable the CEO to run the engineering and manufacturing entity. Aziz was born in 1949 in London. Gregory J Aziz studied at Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario for an economics course.

Earlier Life


Gregory J Aziz started his practice in his family business. He worked on placing the company in international markets. He acquired his first Steel Car in 1994 using his reserves. James Aziz has dreams of changing National Steel Car to be among the top railroad freight car manufacturers in the region. The strong engineering skills, capital, and qualified staff who work in teams facilitate the growth and expansion of the enterprise to more than 12,000 cars yearly in 1999.

National Steel Car


National Steel Car continuously pools their resources towards vehicle advancement. The act makes it be among the top firms in the industry. National Steel Car has the ISO certifications. Its excellent productions have led to the company building its brand in the design and manufacturing field.


National Steel Car has been among the leading firms in the industry for over a century. The highly regarded entity appreciates the efforts of people like customers, workers, and suppliers towards their success. The enterprise is becoming diverse, innovative, and dynamic over the years thanks to the talented leaders and devoted employees. Employees and department heads work together to make sure the company produces top-quality products. For the last decade, National Steel Car has received the awards for satisfying their customers. Refer to This Article for additional information.

The urge to be the best and pursue excellence has enabled the Canadian firm to survive the harsh and varying market conditions. The manufacturing entity recognizes the contributions of workers by involving them in making corporate decisions and general running of activities. They honor their culture and dedicate all their efforts to serving the clients with high-quality services and durable items. These traits give the outlet competitive advantage over competitors.


Charity Work


National Steel Car takes part in corporate social responsibilities and focuses on growing the Hamilton community. It has donated towards the Salvation Army, United Way, Hamilton Opera, and Theatre Aquarius. Employees at National Steel Car enjoy the Christmas party held each year to bring families and friends of their staffs together.


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