Rick Smith: CEO to Help Securus Succeed

Posted on January 11, 2018 By

Rick Smith is a CEO who knows what he wants to do and knows the exact path the Securus company should take to become more successful. He has always done his best to make things easier on other people and that’s how he can do things the right way. For Rick Smith, this is a big part of the company and he knows that helping others is the point of the company. If he’s able to keep helping those who are running the prisons, Rick Smith feels it is something he can do and something he can be proud of in different instances. Depending on the issues that he will have to face in the future, Rick Smith knows what it will take to give people what they are looking for and what they can do to make things easier on themselves. There have been other things that people can experience and all of that goes back to his help with other people. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

By looking at the options that are available to the prisons, Rick Smith knew he would have to do something. He had always tried to help them but he knew there was a big limit on what he would be able to do. Trying to offer people the things they would need would give Rick Smith the chance to try different things. Even though he knew it would take a lot of work to get to the point where he wanted to be, he felt it was a good way for him to try things on his own.

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As long as Rick Smith knew there was a chance to try different things for himself and for other people, he knew he would need to do his best to give people what they were looking for. It went back to how he could help others in the industry and how he could make things easier for people who were doing their best to try things out and make things on their own in the prisons. Everything that went on in the industry could go back to the prisons and how they were easy for people to run.

Rick Smith continues to make Securus better. The company recently acquired JPay. They are using their time with making things easier to help JPay get incorporated into what they are doing. In addition, Rick Smith is doing different things that will allow him to make sure that JPay is going to work out. He is even showing people how to make the right choices and how they can use the kiosks to get the money they need that will allow them to feel successful in different instances where they are doing business. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

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