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Having the passion to serve the community from childhood, Ronald Fowlkes worked to make this a reality and not only a dream. After high school, he got the opportunity to join the marines which he afterward joined the Police department. The duty made his serve the country directly as he was able to work with others in the security department to ensure people are safe and secure.

According to Ronald Fowlkes, serving is not about just being in the uniform. He has made time to ensure that he not only serves the country in the security sector but also uses his skills and knowledge to mentor the young people. He believes that this helps prepare the country to induct people who are ready to serve the country in whichever way possible. He embraces the chance to guide and lead the young people as it also gives him satisfaction.

The ambition of giving back to the society is seen through the guidance he gives to the people. Ronald Fowlkes sees as more than giving back as it is a channel to make the country grow. He uses all he loves to give back such as his love for the gear which he noted at an early age. This has led him to be a leader at FirstSpear. FirstSpear is an organization which deals with the supply of tactical equipment to soldiers and peacekeepers all over the world. The in-depth knowledge of the equipment makes Ronald Fowlkes work diligently as he understands the need to realize what is important and relevant in a person’s life.

Working at FirstSpear has motivated Ronald to work in the security of the sector. His love for the gear had grown over the years, and the moment he saw the machine in the police force, it ignited some joy of fulfillment. Therefore, his invitation to work with the company meant a lot to him as he knew he would work to help the society using the things he loves.

In the company, he plays the role of the one I charge of the equipment in the team. The position he has paved the way for him to nature the young people. When he gets time Ronald Fowlkes talks to the children about the importance of having g a well-kept gear. He insists that the winning chance and then losing chance depends on a person. If one gets to keep his equipment well, the possibility of winning is high. It is also easier for one to discover a problem and correct it on the gear if need be. Therefore, good gear is capable of making one’s work neat and efficient. Finally, it can be agreed on that Ronald Fowlkes is an instrument of change in the society. He uses his skills, knowledge, and experience to serve people who are fulfilling to him.


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