Sanjay Shah: A Successful Entrepreneur with a Heart

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Success can be defined in many ways. This is something that Sanjay Shah understood as an admired philanthropist. In 2016, on April 5th, Sanjay Shahh was interviewed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates about his charity work and his successful business. The interview was conducted by Eric Dye on his podcast.

The Purpose of the Interview

The Podcast station is built upon business and advising new business owners on how to reach success. Sanjay Shah shared how he started his business in London and grew it into a very successful brokerage firm.

A Passionate Drive

While Eric and Sanjay’s audience were captivated by his entrepreneurial knowledge, they were also shown another part of Sanjay’s life. Not too long ago his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with a challenging ailment. And, since then, Sanjay has dedicated a lot of his energy to raise awareness about autism. In fact, he funded a very successful program called Autism Rocks. The charity has been successfully funding research on autism in order to help other children like his.

Sanjay used his entrepreneur spirit to marry his passion for innovation and music to help battle this dreadful medical issue. To Sanjay, an entrepreneur must have–besides business knowledge–a heart full of idealism and care. He told Eric that his charity was going to throw a concert that was going to be headlined by Flo Rida and Tyga, just to name a few.

A Sneak Peek Into Sanjay’s History

Many people might not know this, but Sanjay Shah actually went to school to be a doctor. But he discovered he loved investment and finance. Sanjay begin as an accountant taking a string of jobs in the field before he tried to do something on his own.

His early years as an accountant gave him the opportunity to learn from other financial experts, as well as people who made mistakes with their finances. These are the kind of lessons that Sanjay did not take for granted and applied them to his own goals.

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