Shiraz Boghani Career Accomplishments

Posted on August 25, 2018 By

Shiraz Boghani name is among the most mentioned in the hospitality industry. The businessman is based in the United Kingdom, and he runs some of the biggest hotels in the country. The success under his belt has come after a lot of hard work and patience. Shiraz Boghani resume shows that he was born in a city found in Kenya. However, before he could start his education, his family decided that they were going to relocate to the UK where their son would have the best education. Boghani spends most of his life in this country, and he had the opportunity to attend prestigious schools based in London.

When it was time to join college, Shiraz was prepared to acquire some knowledge so that he could venture into the career he had always dreamt about. Boghani joined college and acquired a degree in finance. His passion for the subject was the motivation behind the career path he chose. This was never going to be his lifetime career. After working in finance for a short time, Shiraz felt that the hospitality department needed him, and this is why he ventured into the new business. His contributions in the competitive market have been felt in all corners of the world. The businessman has also been offered the Asian Business Award because of his accomplishments.

Shiraz Boghani is also one of the individuals who have been playing a key role in the establishment of an institution called Sussex Healthcare. The businessman has business interests in the company because he is very passionate about community services. Shiraz Boghani chose to take this investment opportunity with the help of Shafik Sachedina. Together, they have been raising a very successful institution that has influenced the lives of many people living with mental diseases. Senior members of the society have been very fortunate too because they are the greatest beneficiaries of Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani has been serving as the chairman of Sussex Healthcare, and he has always completed his duties in time. The businessman has also influenced the decisions that are made in the large company over the years.