Ted Bauman & Jeff Yastine

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Jeff Yastine is well known in the publishing industry. He has worked as a writer, editor, commenter and on the business side of a publication. The publisher has even been nominated for an Emmy for working as a commentator on the PBS Nightly News Report. He has worked as a financial journalist and wrote about some of the biggest world financial matters. His many years of working as a stock market investor gave him the opportunity to really get involved in financial matters.

But before Jeff Yastine was a well known investor and commentator he started his early days in Florida. It was at the University of Florida the young man studied journalism. After graduation, he worked as a local news reporter in the markets surrounding the Raleigh-Durham North Carolina area. His career allowed him to interview some of the most well known people on earth like Warren Buffet and Richard Branson. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

Jeff Yastine went onto working for Banyan Hill Publishing. It was here that he met Ted Bauman. They together worked together to build Banyan Hill publishing into the successful investment and money content company it is today.

Banyan Hill Publishing was created in 1998. It is a publisher of investment advice. The publication has quickly grown to having over 400,000 readers per day. Readers are drawn to the publication because of the business experts advice regarding investment opportunities. The publication discusses an array of investments: small cap and mid cap stocks, natural resources and commodities, investments that produce income, option plays and companies in the United States that are well undervalued.

The company quickly grew into a household name. It was known as a leading asset protection and investment company with good values. The company’s values are based off of self-reliance and sovereignty. The website created an incredible reputation for itself It did this by including content that spoke to its readers. The content created focused on strategizing for global investment opportunities, offshore bank accounts, operating in international business affairs, forming a foreign residency and financial privacy.

Jeff Yastine has worked very hard and established a respected reputation in the publishing and finance setors. He joined the Banyan Hill Publishing family in 2015 as editorial director. His work for the investment website has helped people worldwide prosper in their own personal investments. His writings for the publication has helped so many people create long-lasting income-making opportunities for themselves.Learn more: https://www.investmentu.com/investment-experts/jeff-yastine