The Chainsmokers Might Be Great For Your Health

Posted on July 2, 2018 By

DJ duo The Chainsmokers recently made innovative use of their Facebook account when they posted a behind-the-scenes look at their production process for their most recent hit single, “Somebody.” This is truly a rare glimpse into the creative process of two DJ’s at the top of their game. We certainly wish more artists would share such insight into their creative process. This is the kind of thing that is not just for super-fans either. Anyone with an interest in music production would enjoy these little snippets of awesomeness that expose the genius behind musical composition.


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart walk fans through a brief tutorial of the “Somebody’s” structure, including a quick reveal of how vocal effects for the song were made, and why the vocal pitch had to be changed. Hint, it’s because the lyrics were originally written for a different tune. We also get to see the pair creating beats on their laptop, then also working out the song’s melodies on a grand piano. Thanks to quick editing, we see the song go from a basic synth beat, to a melody on piano, to a processed track on the Abelton software program.


2018 has been a huge success story for the DJ’s, who hail originally from Maine and New York. There was a well-received collaboration with Chris Martin of Coldplay, on the song “Something Just Like This.” Earlier in the year the duo made an appearance at the 60th annual Grammy Awards. They also managed to hit one billion streams on Spotify, which garnered much attention on social media.


The song “Somebody” is the fourth single from their recent EP, called “Sick Boy.” The Chainsmokers are currently touring the United States. This week they are performing in Las Vegas. Next week you can catch them in Quebec, Canada.

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