The Lovaganza Foundation Is The Mother Of All Foundations

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More than 8,000 children die of hunger every day in the world. More than 3 million children under 5 die from malnutrition every year, and according to UNICEF 300 million children go to bed hungry every night. Nearly one in four children in the United States or more than 17 million kids experience some sort of food insecurity every day. It has been said that feeding the hungry is the most obvious of all the human obligations, and true social progress is a state where human hunger especially hunger in children is eliminated. There have been people and countries through the years that have form organizations to stop malnutrition and hunger, but one of the most powerful organizations to surfaced over the last six years is the Lovaganza Foundation founded by J.F. Gagnon and his wife, Genevieve Gagnon.

The goal of the Lovaganza Foundation is to eliminate hunger in children by 2035. The Gagnon’s call their foundation, “the Mother of all Foundations” because they are on a mission to empower, unite and inspire foundations around the world to embrace their goals for eliminating hunger.

The slogan of Lovaganza is to provide quality of life for every child by the year 2035. J.F and Genevieve Gagnon have established the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, which is a combination of film productions that will impact global awareness and generate funds to finance the Lovaganza Foundation. These inspiring documentaries are designed to motivate and empower other non-profit foundations around the globe, so they will join in the fight to stop hunger in children by 2035.

J.F. Gagnon is a French-Canadian writer, composer, singer, director and record producer. Genevieve Gagnon is an actress and the director, producer and writer of the “The Lovaganza Convoy.” The Lovaganza Convoy is a motion picture trilogy about the Lovaganza Foundation. The release date of the Lovaganza Convoy movie and television series is set for 2018. The Gagnon’s plan a 50 city worldwide celebration in 2020 to promote Lovaganza.

The Gagnon’s are also the co-creators of the Lovaganza 2020 worldwide celebrations event that will take place in 50 cities around the World. That celebration is the start of implementing universal quality of life for every child in the world between the ages of birth to age 15 by 2035. The common goals of Lovaganza and the foundations that join them on their mission are to provide clean drinking water, enough food, education, shelter and vaccines for children around the globe.

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