The Secret to Successful Activities of Securus Technologies

Posted on May 31, 2017 By

Securus Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1986, and the headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It is one of the biggest correction service providers for the U.S government. Their success can be credited to their over 30 years of experience in correction department. Securus serves more than 45 states in 2600 correctional facilities. The firm provides innovative and comprehensive solutions to U.S government management, parolee tracking, and detainee communications.


Securus Technologies focuses mainly on the law enforcement and correction department of the government. It uses high-tech software to perform duties. The organization is dedicated to offering their clients with the highest quality solutions hence helping them to be one of the best in customer care services.


The unique approach that Securus uses is a contributing factor to them being successful. First, they have one of the best technologies that is modern and relevant to their customers. They are committed to being innovative making them the leading industry in R&D investment. Also, they are the only company that provides spectrum solutions and lastly, they have over 2,200 correction agencies and law enforcement that makes them stand out in the market.


I would comment them for helping their customers with information that is monitored to enable them to track corrupt staffs or criminal activities that happen behind bars. They have helped the government to improve public safety by providing innovative ideas on how to cab inmates’ criminal activities.


I am also impressed that they keep improving their services so as to solve emerging capabilities hence helping the governments to have a hand on an investigation. I would also comment them on their LBS software which is used together with law enforcement resources assisting the government to recover millions of money, drugs and illegal assets. This software has made Securus have the upper hand in providing jail phone to the government.




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