Tim Armour- the Post-Trump Change within Markets ‘Is Real’

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According to Timothy Armour, the world markets are experiencing a new period of quick economic growth, higher inflation, and increasing interest rates. Capital Group is among the globe’s largest asset managers where Timothy Armour is the head of the organization- he is the chief executive officer and chairman of the company. At the beginning of the year, the markets had shown symptoms of fatigue with equities struggling to set high targets. Bonds seemed to stabilize following the surprise election of Donald Trump in November 2016, which triggered quick changes in asset costs.


However, some asset managing companies were skeptical about the election of Trump with the anticipation that his coming to power might end the new era of sluggish economic growth and even interest rates that were facilitated by the financial crisis. According to Armour, the changes in the market regime are usually difficult to identify. The leader of Capital Group also warned of more turbulence ahead with new policies of the government expected. However, Armour argued that the markets faced an inflation circumstance that is caused by the populism surge across the globe. “Globalization is facing challenges in the entire world, and we don’t know where are heading” Armour added and learn more about Timothy.


Mr. Armour joined Capital Group over three decades ago after being elected its leader in 2015 following his predecessor’s (James Rothenburg) death. In addition to spearheading the group, Armour manages assets for other companies, for instance, managing the $100bn of the American Capital Income Builder. The Capital Group leader highlighted a big influence on the stock market with development sensitive industries like banks going higher while more defensive sectors such as real estate languishing due to the post-financial crisis and more information click here.


Utility shares in the S&P 500 are more or less flat since Trump’s election, while the real estate shares have attained 2.3 percent growth. Financial organizations have hit almost 16% as oil and gas drillers reached nearly 38% higher. The performance of various sectors has been unpredictable and while some companies have been starting to do better, defensive kinds of investment that have been doing well for years seemed to do poorly. Timothy Armour has an Economics Bachelor’s Degree from the Middlebury College and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

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