Trabusco and His Leadership of Bradesco

Posted on June 23, 2018 By

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the departing CEO of Bradesco Bank. He has been working at Bradesco since 1969. He began his employ as a clerk in Bradesco’s Mirilia branch. At the time he was still a teenager. He made it his carrer and slowly rose over the next four decades. Two years after he first started he was promoted to job in the company’s corporate offices. From his career led him after several decades to become the president of Bradesco Seguros, the bank’s insurance branch in 2003. He then ascended to the CEO of the entire company in 2009.

It was a huge accomplishment for him to attain this since the company has always used an incredible rigorous method in choosing its top leaders. For many years prior to his new role, Bradesco had been the largest bank in Brazil. During the 90s and first decade of 2000, the bank declined somewhat so that by the time Trabuco took the leadership reins, Trabuco’s biggest competitor, Itai Unibanco, took the first place position. Upon assuming the CEO role, he dedicated the rest of his career to helping Bradesco resume its past glory.

In 2015 he made an extremely good decision to purchase an HSBC subsidiary. The acquisition served to put them back In the top spot. Bradesco’s growth during these years was good for more than just Bradesco. It has effectively given the entire Brazilian economy a much-needed boost. He is viewed as one of the most influential business leaders in the company’s history. Trabesco was only the fourth president in Bradesco’s history. The previous three were Amador Aguiar, Cypriano, and Lazaro Brandao. The first of these presidents, Aguiar, founded Bradesco in 1943.

When he assumed the presidency, Trabesco was 47. Brandao, the CEO before him had remained as president of the company’s board. After he resigned this position in October of last year, Trabuco decided to resign as CEO and to fill the vacancy left by Brandao. In turn, Trabuco’s vacancy was filled in March. Brandao had been the president of the board since 1990 and had only been the second one in the company history.