Venezuelan Singer Norka Luque Is Destine For Stardom

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Everyone dreams of becoming a star. Music is the first art we try to conquer as children. Singing is an innate talent, but most people don’t develop that talent for a number of reasons. The people that do work at singing enjoy performing, but very few reach the heights that great singers achieve. It’s not just talent that separates good singers from great singers. It is a combination of desire, hard work, networking and being in the right place at the right time. Norka Luque, the Caracas-born singer, is one of the greats that is destined to make it to stardom. Norka Luque has all the attributes that great singers need to succeed in the music industry. Her diligence and hard work have paid off. Norka is one of the top performers in the Latino community, and her voice is becoming a popular addition to the mainstream music world.

Norka’s story isn’t filled with poverty and hunger like the stories of some of the great singers that have made it to the top. Norka Luque did grow up in socialists Venezuela, but her parents were in a position to help her develop her singing talent. Norka took voice and piano lessons while she was in school, and when she graduated she move to France to study business administration. Norka joined a band that played in the dance clubs on the weekends, and she developed her unique funky rock, reggae style while she was the lead singer of the band. When she heard Ricky Martin sing at a concert in 2006, she knew she had to move to Miami, the home of the new Latino sound. Norka saved enough money to make the move, and when she found a club on South Beach that needed a singer, she got the job.

Emilio Estefan, the successful music producer, happened to hear about Norka, and he invited her to audition for his team. It didn’t take long for Estefan to sign Norka to a recording contract. Estefan, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo worked with Norka, and in 2011 her first single was released. She was nominated for best female vocalist that year thanks to the success of that dance single, I Can Do It. Her second single, Milagro from the same album was released in 2012. That single raced up the dance charts, and Norka became a Latino star. Her third single Tomorrowland was released in 2016, and it is getting rave reviews.

Check out Norka Luque in this music video:

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