What Paul Mampilly Does With Insider Knowledge Of Stock Investing

Posted on November 5, 2017 By

When it comes to starting out investing small and seeing that investment grow big, Paul Mampilly has been a model of that. Mampilly has gotten to know investing very well not only because he’s spent years as a hedge fund specialist, but also because he’s found small company stocks that have turned into millions of dollars in profit. Mampilly has followers that take his advice in his newsletter “Profits Unlimited.” But Mampilly doesn’t just manage their money or tell them where to put it; he also helps them understand the “why” of investing and shows them how to maintain their own portfolios. Much of what Mampilly encourages is reading new tech publications and also looking at the interests of millennial consumers. Read more: http://thesovereigninvestor.com/investment-opportunities/key-tech-explosion/

Paul Mampilly is an Indian immigrant who came to the US in 1991 to attend university. He said the worst jobs he had when he started out here were working at a gas station and a cafeteria at Montclair State University. But it was that experience that pushed Mampilly to excel in his studies and pursue a career in economics and investing. He started out in the research department of a big bank, and from there earned many promotions and worked for several large banks. But his investing expertise really took off when he joined the advisors at Kinetics International Fund, one of New York’s top hedge fund companies at the time.

Mampilly was thriving at Kinetics International that its client base expanded and in about a year, their AUM jumped from $6 billion to $25 billion. The Templeton Foundation also became interested in Mampilly’s work and in 2008, they selected him to participate in their big investment competition. Even though the housing market crash was in full effect and most investors were losing money, Mampilly found investments that succeeded and in just one year, he had made a 76% growth on a $50 million investment. But that wasn’t the only investment he was turning big on. He was also an early taker on Sarepta Therapeutics’ stock which was overlooked by many at the time, but jumped up over 1000% in growth in a short time.

Mampilly decided it was time to leave the big banks and hedge funds not long ago because he had the retirement funds to do so, and he also felt it was time to help middle class investors. Many investors have already given testimonials about how Mampilly’s advice helped them invest in the right stocks. And many more people are excited to see where his new newsletter “True Momentum” will be going.

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