Whitney Wolfe Takes Aim at Bland Dating App Environment

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There is a great amount of interest in dating apps because the new millennial generation is approaching things differently. There used to be a stigma to dating apps, but now this is just common place. So many people find their significant other through dating apps, and Whitney Wolfe wanted to be a part of this environment. That is why she created Bumble, but this is not the only reason that this company has been able to thrive.

Whitney Wolfe is also known for her ability to create one of the most inclusive apps of this time. The fact that Whitney Wolfe has been so interested in building a huge company that expanded beyond dating is what people are talking about now. People are excited about the possibility of being able to connect with someone that is looking at other app effects of social media.

Whitney Wolfe has put some time into creating an app that is making it easier for people to build friendships. Bumble BFF is what makes this happen. There is also a possibility of building better networks with the Bumble Bizz app.

The dating app world is what millennials are getting connected to when they want to create a dating environment that is different from what they are accustomed to. Once there was a time where people had to put all of their interest in meeting someone out in person. People had to go to bars or engage in conversations in clubs. Some people will find mates in church. Others would use any opportunity when they were out to engage in conversations and meet someone. This is what became the norm, but something very interesting happened with social media. Now it appears that people have a desire to get connected to other singles in a completely different way.

Whitney Wolfe is working on different types of ways to get people to take interest in Bumble. One thing that she has started to work on is creating a physical place where people that connect through Bumble can meet and interact in person. She is also working on other aspects of Bumble like Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. These are components of Bumble that allow people to build friendships even if they are not on the market for dating. All of these are things that change the way that social media is evolving with app users in dating environments.

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