Whitney Wolfe Tries To Give People a Welcoming Experience With Online Dating

Posted on May 14, 2017 By

The internet has truly changed the world. Among the things that have changed with the internet is dating. One of the reasons that dating has changed is because the internet has gotten people hooked. Therefore, people are less likely to meet one another for various reasons. This makes it harder for people to get a date. Fortunately, online dating has been brought forth. One good thing about online dating is that it has given people something that is going to help them get the dates they want. People have met others that they have ended up marrying through online dating.

Online dating has also introduced a few new challenges for people. Men have a hard time getting dates while women have other issues. Fortunately, dating experts like Whitney Wolfe has decided to build a new app called Bumble which makes it impossible for men to initiate and urgent for women to message their matches that they are interested in. Whitney Wolfe has been in a relationship herself and has seen the importance of putting together something that is going to bring forth a lot of success for daters. Whitney Wolfe has also shown that she is very passionate about internet and dating.

Whitney Wolfe is also someone who has a lot to be thankful for. She recognizes the needs that people have in the dating world. She herself has had an experience with heartbreak that she has eventually recovered from. At some point, she has realized that there are people who go through worse and don’t even have the support system that they need in order to help them recover. Whitney Wolfe understands the struggles with dating because she herself has gotten to experience them. Therefore, she has built the app in order to help provide people the advantages that she herself wants in dating.


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